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Paper Titles
CS Foundation
English And Bussiness Communication
Basic Electronics And Business Environment
Financial Accounting
Elements of Business Laws and Management
Information System and Quatitative Techniques
  Eligibility for Foundation courses +2 Pass or Equivalent
Common Proficiency Test (CA-CPT)
Fundamentals of Accounting
Mercantile Laws
General Economics
Quantitative Aptitude
  Eligibility for CPT +2 Pass or Equivalent
First Year B.Com Kerala University
Part 1 English Paper 1
Part 2 Modern Language - Malayalam/Hindi/French
Part 3 Commerce Subjects
Part 1 Principles of Business Decisions
Part 2 Management and Business Communication
Part 3 Entrepreneurship Devolepment
Financial Acconting
Second Year B.Com
Part 1 English Paper 2
Part 3 Commerce Subjects
Part 5 Business Regulatory framework
Part 6 Business Statics
Part 7 Principles of Marketing
Part 8 Advanced Financial Accounting
Part 1 Taxation Law and Accounts-1
Or Co-operation-1
part 4 Environmental Studies (Compulsory Paper)
Third year B.Com
Part 3 Commerce Subjects
Part 10 AuditingCommerce Subjects
Part 11 Banking
Part 12 Costing Methods and techniques
Part 13 Entrepreneurship Development
Part 14 Higher Accounting
Part 16 A Optional Subject
Part 1 Taxation Law and Practice-2
Or Co-operation-2


A cash award of Rs.1000, Rs. 500 and Rs. 250 will be given to those students Who have not less than 80% marks for all examinations conducted by the academy with not less than 100%, 95%, and 90% class attendance, respectively.
Some of the reputed concerns offered their patronage for the purpose of campus selection from among the final year students.